The Collar.

Because you Own her.*

Ownership Deed. Pet/Slave Tag. Leash●Me.

Because she's your Pet.**

Pet-Crawl. Pet-Express. Pet-Walk.

Because it's Different.

Convertible Leash Ring. Gravity. Jiggly Bell.

*Or him.

**Or Bitch!

Ownership Deed

This collar comes with legal papers certifying the pet's rightful owner, searchable on the LULU Public Register.

Pet/Slave Tag

All pets need to be tagged, with identifying features and ownership details. In case she gets lost, of course.

Leash●Me System

Up to 5 simultaneous leashes, to various Leash Rings or to any object.

Pet-Crawl Dynamic-AO

Pets live their lives on all fours. Easily switch among four different crawl families, for four different moods.


Like gestures, but better, for pets. Different expressions for different crawls. It's a mood thing. Now, express yourself.


No more auto-follow. No more absentee-pet being dragged around. Now both pet and her Owner must walk, together.

Convertible Leash Ring

Hold it, it's a handy leash holder. Drop it, it roots itself and becomes a grounded Leash Ring.

Jiggly Bell

Bell physically jiggles with each move, jiggles when touched. As it should. And five bell sounds to choose from.

Utility HUD

Tiny, yet powerful HUD with customizable features: poses, RLV, rez objects, optional AO, quick-TP and more.

Gender, RLV, LM, LG

For her, or him. RLV-compatible, out-of-the-box. Supports both Lockmeister and Lockguard furniture.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

(Lulu Signature Collar is compatible with RLV, Lockmeister and Lockguard)

The Story.

Every LULU has a story.

The moon hangs full over an anonymous building in the Warehouse District.

A black limousine arrives discreetly on the wet gravel outside, disgorges its esteemed guests into the shadows, and leaves. In the distance, barking dogs.

Inside, chaos.

Lights everywhere. Frazzled faces rushing about backstage getting ready for the show. Flashes go off as a photographer shoots a few models lounging sultrily over decrepit stairs, against raw brick walls oozing with bohemian chic.

The girl looks at the stylist, who is admiring her creation in the mirror. "Simply dahling," sings the stylist. She fluffs the girl's hair, gives it a ruffled look. Satisfied, she flicks her fingers. "Just dahling. Now, shoo!" The girl smiles, gets up from the makeup chair, and for a moment, stares at herself in the lighted mirror. The makeup artist's hand rises with her and imparts parting dabs ("Dewy. Natural. That face was made for runway makeup!"). 

The girl is amazed at the magic that these people do. She pouts. She hardly recognizes the girl pouting back at her with silvery eyes and glossy lips - the white satin lingerie contrasts so well with her tanned and toned and lightly-oiled skin. And to think, just two hours earlier, this very same girl arrived in tank top and skinny jeans, just another fresh-faced coltish model happy to find work at Fashion Week in the City. She is lucky to have beaten hundreds of hopeful models over two highly competitive castings.

"This way, please" a strong hand grabs her arm and leads her over to Props, narrowly missing a rack of taffetas and spaghetti straps rushing somewhere. "All yours, Viktor," says Strong-Hand as she is propelled towards an arty, effeminate man. She turns back to see the laughing skull on the back of Strong-Hand's black tee as he rushes off, probably to manhandle some other model. Didn't need to be rude, she thinks.

Nevermind, she must be professional about this - this is her biggest assignment yet, and these people are such wonderful paymasters - generous rates, salon visit the day before ("they ordered you in honey-roasted brown, just a tad overdone so people know the tan is fresh. Thoroughly waxed, of course," announced the salon girl); and a luxury spa session in the morning ("to soothe the soreness, and to bring out your natural oils tonight, love"). Not to mention limo rides to and from the show, with complementary drinks for the nerves. A girl could get used to this.

"Over here, darl - oh lose those undies, will you? Change of plans, you won't be needing those tonight," says Effeminate, as he opens an ivory-inlaid box.


"But, I just came from Wardrobe..."

"Quickly, quickly! You're going to be late!" Effeminate barks impatiently with a perfect little frown. As she wriggles out of her laces, a collar hovers overhead, wraps round her neck. "Now, doesn't this look boom-boom-boom sexxxy on you? Kinky, kinky! " Effeminate coos as he adjusts the designer collar till it sits nicely at the base of her slender neck. He locks it shut, sticks his finger between collar and neck, pressing against her collar bone. "Comfortable?" She nods. "Fabulous - we've to make sure it doesn't slide about that lovely neck of yours." 

"So what will I be wea-"

A tap on her lightly-oiled shoulder. She flinches (skin still a tad tight and sore, price of a fresh bake) and turns to see an impossibly leggy blonde. It's her handler. "Ciao, you're up next, hurry!" Her handler looks every inch the fashionista in elegant Valentino red, exchanging quick air kisses with Effeminate. "Hurry! No no, just leave those laces on the floor." Snap. Blonde Minder has fixed a leash to the collar and is now leading her, running, naked, on heels, collar bell jingling, through the back-stage mass of people, who are too busy to look at her. She arrives at the stage door, joins a short queue of similarly-attired girls on the red carpet, all beautiful, perfectly coiffured and naked, wearing only a designer collar, and high heels, and each led by a gorgeous handler. 

Her handler asks, "You ready?"

She nods, "But I don't understand..."

"Change of plans. It's the defrocked look now. Au naturel. Something fresher, edgier - you know, like Reality TV? Minimalist cover, maximum drama."

Right, parading naked girls. Really fresh. Fresh meat, maybe. Takes "cattle show" to a new level.

She removes her hands from her breasts and crotch - none of the other models seem to care.

"For this show, they want 'playful', 'impromptu' and 'improvized'. It's all about 'The Now'. It's about audience interaction, natural responses - you know, a spontaneous, cheeky show. That's a very expensive collar you're selling on your neck."

A collar? That's the secret fashion accessory I'm sellling to international fashion buyers?

Now, with each breath, she feels the weight and presence of the collar wrapped around her neck - it feels oddly controlling.

Still, she has glimpsed the arriving audience earlier, decked out in tuxedoes and couture frocks. However bizarre this may appear, this is an elegant fashion show for the well-heeled.

Blonde Minder leans in and whispers to her ear, "But we shall cheat and rehearse a bit, make you look good, hmm?"

She nods.

Yes... maybe I might get lucky tonight, meet a nice sugar daddy... I so need that Prada bag!

"Okay, when I jerk the leash like this, you go down on all fours - understand? There's a love." As she nods, the leash jerks, and she obeys. Blonde Minder walks her a few steps to the side, bell jingling. This is humiliating, she thinks, the things a girl has to do to pay the rent in this town. At least till she becomes famous. Payoff for the gym hours - then men will worship her on the billboards.

She is walked back.

"Good girl. You can swing your derriere a bit more - the buyers love that."

She hears the techno music spurting into life on stage outside. Another flick of the leash, a sustained tug - her chin is lifted up and she is guided to her feet, on tiptoes. She watches the girls in front of her begin to sashay forward on their high heels and out the door, one at a time. She feels her wrists being pulled back. Ow, she recoils for a second, straining against the leash. A stage hand throws the ice cubes back into the bucket. She stares disbelievably at her chest... her nipples are now constricted, wet... and icy cold. She glares at the stage hand, looks at the stage manager in protest, who ignores her and checks the bio tag on her collar against the glossy show catalog: height 5' 8'', weight 106 lbs, measurements 35"-24"-34", eyes green, hair hazel brown, stock Caucasian, shoes 8-1/2. She squirms, realizes that her wrists are firmly secured behind her. She has done artistic nude photoshoots before (two Trade-for-CDs, not counting that dubious photography workshop involving generous servings of olive oil), but now, suddenly, she feels naked, exposed; like her freshly shorn motte, she has nowhere to hide.

Blonde Minder smiles approvingly. "Yes, that's very good - do that - work your shoulders and arms - they'll love it!" she shouts through the pumping music into her ear as she guides her shoulders forward into a hunched pose. Hefting an oiled breast in one hand, she adds, "Showcase these, darling, there's nothing quite like the bounce of organic titties. I'm sure they'll fetch a good price per pound."

"But - "

The manager verifies the serial number on her collar, checks it against what appears to be an ownership deed, and satisified, slaps a large "Lot #8" circle on her left breast, just above the now-attentive nipple. "Next!"

The well-worn industrial door creaks open, letting in the blast of techno dance; she hesitates; her handler cracks the whip, jerks the leash, and she is dragged out, naked and collared, on stilettos, into the blinding lights and the pounding beat.

The auction begins.


Now possible. With LULU Signature Collar (and Cuffs). Comes with Ownership Deed on the LULU Public Register, Pet Tag, Pet Crawl Dynamic AO, Leash●Me system, Convertible Leash Ring and the Air Rez system.



The show was the most humilating experience of her life - after the catwalk, she was led from table to table. Blonde Minder was way too enthusiastic with that whip, encouraging her into various uncomfortable and embarrassing poses in front of the distinguished guests, who discerningly palpated both collar and wearer while exchanging bon mots over Moet flutes. From the corner of her eye, she could see other girls at other dimly-lit tables, perfect, oiled bodies bending in purple strobe, showing off their collars too.

At the end though, she was thrilled that her collar fetched one of the highest prices. They did promise her a tip if she managed to get them a good price - it might make all her welts worth it.

Auction over, her handler is now leading her through the tables. She strides, on heels, head high, shoulders square, unfettered breasts bouncing with each stride, face nonchalant the way good models look, her naked browned body still stinging from the whip.

Yes, very kinky, she thinks to herself, the model delivers the collar, on her neck, to the successful bidder, in person, naked, bound, on six-inch heels.

Presently she is in a private room, kneeling. The buyer is a tall bearded man in tuxedo and red bow tie. So the collar is for his dog. The dog, which looks like a wolf, is sitting on its haunches, leashed beside his owner and staring at her. Dog and girl are on the floor, leashed to opposite camps, only she has her wrists cuffed behind her. My collar is prettier than yours, she thinks, good upgrade for you, lucky dog. She watches the small party sip champagne and finish the paperwork and shake hands. She is thirsty. She has worked hard tonight - or perhaps more accurately, she has been worked hard - and she cannot wait for drinks and networking at the after party. She deserves it.

Blonde Minder hands over the papers, keys and leash to the bearded man. He is holding the leashes to both dog and girl on the floor and is now ogling her fresh stripes, her oiled nakedness. She feels the heat of his eyes on her shoulders, her breasts, her arms, her thighs, her rump, as if they are being lashed all over, again, part by part. She looks down. A camera flashes a few times to record the occasion. He must notice her nipples - they are erect though they are no longer cold. Why are they not moving to take the collar already?

Blonde Minder bends down, whispers into her ear, "Oh darling, before we bring you to the after party, there's one thing you should know - these couture collars are custom-made, so it is only natural that... the girl... whose neck it fits... the girl... comes with the collar." Blonde Minder straightens and leaves the room even as the dog moves forward to sniff her.


The best from Lulu.

Not just gorgeous curves. Not just subtle details.

Behind the aesthetic exterior of LULU Gear lies what is possibly the highest-security bondage in Second Life. Subject to Second Life limitations, of course. Here's why.

+ True tamper-proof lock
     ... because you need to know that once locked, you are locked.

LULU Real Key

  • The LULU Signature restraint can only be unlocked with a pre-coded physical key, and only if the keyholder is on the sub's approved owner list. Double security.
  • The sub's owner can use his key to check the sub's lock at any time, to ensure that the last "lock event" was him locking her. If it's not, she could have added a temporary owner and gotten him to unlock and then relock her. There is an "audit trail" for the sub's owner.

No Reset.

  • The simplest restraints can simply be hacked by a clever sub by resetting the scripts. This deletes existing variables (owner lists, locks, alarms, etc.)
  • LULU Signature gear are "no-modify", which does not allow resetting, and are thus completely immune to this sort of attack.

No Editing of Prims.

  • Some restraints preserve stats (e.g. owner list, locks, alarms etc.) in the prims themselves, commonly in the Name or Description field. These fields can easily be modified.
  • Encrypted stats: these can still be deleted, and all scripts reset (see No Reset above) to wipe the slate clean. Or, some earlier stats (e.g. from an unlocked state) can be copied over and the sub has effectively reset the lock.
  • RestrainedLife viewer's no-edit feature: a powerful feature when worn, but switching over to the regular viewer allows full edits.
  • LULU Signature gear are "no-modify" and are completely immune to this type of attack.

No Script Hacks.

  • Any attachment that has "mod" permissions will allow a clever sub to drop listener scripts to intercept and even modify stats like locks and alarms.
  • RestrainedLife viewer: there's a powerful no-edit feature. However, a clever sub can still drop a dormant script anytime before no-edit kicks in (or by using another viewer temporarily) - this script can then be triggered at will later to reverse whatever stats.
  • Even encrypted messages can be easily circumvented, by the sub simply copying the encrypted internal messages and replaying them later without having to know the encryption password. (e.g. "xzUrzd" stands for "unlock").
  • LULU's Signature gear are "no-modify" and are completely immune to this type of attack.

Isn't no-modify bad?

  • Three major reasons for wanting "modify" rights are:
    • ability to color the prims.
    • ability to re-size the prims to fit.
    • ability to reset scripts when Second Life borks them.
  • color: LULU Signature gear come with the original LULU Color Ball, a quick and easy way to color multiple items (e.g. all eight cuffs!) at once, with 17 million colors, even if they are no-modify.
  • re-size: LULU Signature gear can be re-sized on command. After you get used to it, it works even better than Second Life's built-in re-sizer, as you can control the re-sizing by degrees, and it ensure related gear have the exact same size (e.g. two wrist cuffs and two ankle cuffs)
  • reset: LULU Signature gear come with Smart Reset 2.0 which only revives dead scripts, and keeps all major stats, unlike Second Life's built-in "reset all scripts". Does it faster too.

Because LULU Signature gear are "no modify", you will have the highest security lock in Second Life, compared with modifiable (i.e. potentially hackable and insecure) gear like the LULU Plus and Basic. The vast majority of restraints in SL are modifiable.

How to know whether you have a modifiable restraint? If you can drop a script in, it is modifiable.

(LULU Color Ball [i.e. editing a separate prim to color the gear], smart re-size, and smart reset are original Lulu concepts)

+ Detaching a locked attachment?
     ... getting round the bane of Second Life.

Unlike real life, Second Life allows a sub to detach an attachment (whether the script has "locked" it or not). This is part of the safe, consensual environment of Second Life. But it's not good for bondage players - you need to know your locked attachment stays locked in place!


  • The moment a restraint is detached, the LULU Security system kicks into action and a fresh restraint is rezzed and immediately pops back onto the sub. No permissions. Just locked again. Escape is futile!
  • Using the RLV? Locked attachments in RLV can still be detached when a scripted item attaches itself to that attachment point. Not to worry, the LULU Security system will re-rez a fresh restraint and pop it back into place again.

Guaranteed IM Alarm.

  • Tattle-tale IMs are typically sent by the detaching restraint - but sometimes, they are not sent in time before the restraint finishes detaching. If this happens, the IM will be sent the next time the restraint is worn again. Another lovely SL "feature".
  • But LULU Signature gear is guaranteed to fire each time, on time, because it works in combination with the separate Signature Command HUD.

Hovertext Alarm.

  • A hovertext alarm is triggered on the restraint, showing the number of breaches.
  • Because LULU Signature gear is no-mod, a sub cannot drop a simple llSetText() script that erases the hovertext alarm.
  • This alarm can only be reset by the sub's owner.

RestrainedLife Viewer compatibility.

  • LULU Signature gear is fully compatible with the RestrainedLife Viewer (RLV), out of the box, leveraging on all relevant features of the viewer.
  • But LULU Signature gear offers more. With the various built-in security features like No-modify and Re-rez, LULU Signature gear are designed to offer the highest level of restriction and security, regardless of whichever viewer the sub happens to be using at any time.
  • Beyond the RLV, LULU Signature gear has been crafted with many unique features for a ... different bondage experience.
+ Getting the sub to wear any Signature gear. Now.
     ... one HUD launches all Signature gear.

Usually, the Dom says something like, "Now sub, wear your gag." And the sub spends a few minutes rummaging through her inventory, waiting for the asset servers to load her 15,000-items onto her screen. If she's in the mood. Otherwise, it might take even longer (or forever!). LULU Signature security system solves this little problem by:

AIR-REZ: Attach on Command.

  • One command. Immediate rez. Snaps onto sub. No perms required. End of story. With just the default Second Life viewer.
  • Simple. Effective. Now.
  • And multiple LULU gear can be launched from the one single HUD worn by the sub. One HUD, many restraints.
    • For example, sub has HUD loaded with both leather and steel cuffs, and also a ball gag and a ring gag. Sub's owner can choose exactly which cuff and which gag to wear with a command, and can swap them around with ease.

No need to go invisible.

  • Invisible restraints are a great idea to simulate the unworn state. But ctrl-alt-T shows them up, and besides, for many, the feeling is not quite the same.
  • With LULU Signature, she stays free. Until her owner decides otherwise. Mmm.
+ Does this mean a sub is open to abuse?
     ... breaking up is hard to do, or is it?

There are the odd moments when we have an abusive and hurtful Dom, or an absentee Dom that doesn't login anymore. Is the sub doomed?

No. Because in the LULU system, the sub is allowed to reset her owners. This resets all locks as well. Think of it as a guaranteed safeword (as in real life, a safeword is a must!). This also prevents griefers from having any sort of permanent control over the sub, even if the sub gave "ownership" to a stranger.

But: for certain gear (currently the Signature gag), there is a lock-down mode wherein the sub can't reset her owners when she is locked down. But this mode is only available to the sub if she has attained a rather high Slave Circle by completing various trials, so a sub can avoid this if she wants to.* Therefore, the choice is entirely up to the sub, not the Dom.

But but: even in the lock-down mode, the sub can go to "Fingers", a shady bot in Lulu's Secret Warehouse, and pay him to activate a one-minute window for the sub to reset owners (and automatically, all locks). Finger's prices vary over random periods - it can be very cheap, or not so cheap. So the recovery option is there, but because there is a cost (L$ and time and risk of missing the one-minute window), the sub is quite unlikely to make resetting owners a regular habit.

These features combine to make the LULU Signature range the tightest, most secure, yet safe restraints ever to be put on a sub in Second Life - regardless of which viewer the sub happens to be using at the time.


And then there are the other reasons:

+ LULU Signature HUD
     ... with extra features

Your LULU Signature gear (except the older v.2 gag) comes with an HUD:

  • quick launch of Signature gear via Auto Wear/Rez.
  • one HUD can hold multiple gear - e.g. both leather and padded-steel cuffs, and all gags can be called up from one HUD.
  • manage your owner list, settings and other preferences.
  • sim-performance information
  • your Circle stats
  • help menu, integrated with online help
  • Lulu's blog
  • RLV functions like forcesit, shared folders, etc.
+ Unlimited updates
     ... keeping up with new features

LULU Signature gear are updated very regularly with new features and bugfixes, and you get unlimited free updates to the latest version.

What? SL ate your stuff? Or borked it? Not to worry - just go the same Update Switch and get a fresh set. That will be the latest version.

If the update involved a lot of new work, there might be an upgrade fee involved, but most times the updates are free, even when there have been significant new features added.

Your LULU investment grows with you.